Will I be charged a fee for using your services?

Not at all. All our fees are paid for by our client companies. Our candidates are never charged for utilizing our services.

What type of placements do you handle?

We specialize in Human Resources placements. We handle direct placements and contract positions. If you have experience in a different area such as Marketing or Sales, we may still be the best resource for you in your career search. We have 10 years of successful experience in executive direct placement for industries in almost every category imaginable.

What is the difference between a direct placement and a contract position?

A direct placement is where you get hired on with a client company for direct, full-time employment through them. A contract position is where you are hired to perform an HR project at a client's site. The types of HR projects that we've furnished contractors hired for are in all facets of Human Resources: HRIS, Benefits, Generalist, Recruiting, Compensation and Training.

How does your service work?

First, you need to submit a resume to us via e-mail as an attachment, preferably as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. Then we review your resume and determine whether we might be able to help you in your career search. The next step would be our firm calling you to arrange a face-to-face interview, which lasts about an hour. We then ask you to periodically keep in touch with us to inform us of your most current status.

Will my resume be distributed without my knowledge?

No, your resume will not be distributed without your knowledge and approval. We discuss the opportunity directly with you first and foremost and will not submit you for any positions without your approval.

What is the business size of some of your clients?

The business size of our clients ranges greatly from small businesses to large corporations. Basically, we can quickly satisfy the requirements of any company that has a need for HR talent in any level in their organization.

Do you specialize in a particular industry?

Since we just perform Human Resources placements, we are not specific to any particular industries.